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How to Burn Calories Fast October 03, 2015

You’re trying to reduce weight and no matter what you do it seems to be more tougher than you thought of. Though some people can burn calories fast but for most of the people it becomes really hard to burn calories because of their temptation, habits and interest.
It’s true that you need a lot of focus in order to reduce weight if you’re overweight. You need to change your eating habits as well. You need to control yourself and stay away from food items that tempt you. If you can’t do that then you’ve to rely on exercise programs and medicine which is expensive way of getting your weight reduced.

Drink Ice Water

If you drink a lot of ice water then it’ll help reduce your weight. When your body raises temperature it burns a lot of calories. For this purpose you need to drink moderate amount of ice water everyday. In summer you can drink more ice water than any other season. Your body will burn a lots of calories while warming this ice water to your body temperature. But don’t overdo it and drink too much of ice water cause this will definitely go against your health. Don’t try to replace with exercise and other weight reduction methods, you’ve to do this along with other weight reduction methods.


Walk in garden or on roads for about 15-20 minutes daily. You’ll be able to burn 100 calories with this exercise. Walking is one of fastest and cheapest way to burn few calories. Make sure you don’t walk after 12pm up to 4pm. This will affect your health especially during summer season.


You can go for cycling everyday for about 10-15 minutes. This will burn more than 100 calories. If you manage to get partner for this activity then surely this will turn out to be good start for your day.

TV Workout

Most of the TV channels show morning exercise and you can try that and do the exercise as suggested by instructor on the tv.


It is beginner friendly and 30 minutes of spinning exercise burns about 50 calories. It helps heart rate and helps to tone your thighs, hips, calves and buttocks. It is safe for all age groups and helps even to those who have joint problems.


Rope skipping is also one good exercise. Though many people can’t do that because of some issues but if you can do that then it’ll help your heart and lungs as well.


You can lose weight by taking less calories or by burning more calories than you take. But if you take less calories then it makes easy for you to lose weight. If you change your eating habits then you don’t have to go into starvation. Eat food with less calories and avoid spicy and junk food.

So if you want to burn those extra calories then make sure you choose the right way to burn them. In any case, avoid starvation and any method that causes harm to your health cause this will do more harm in long term than it helps.

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