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Ways to Deal with High Cholesterol November 01, 2015

Cholesterol is the type of problem that you don’t think you will get until you actually get diagnosed. Part of the problem is that there are no apparent symptoms of high cholesterol, or at least nothing that is immediately visible.
I never thought I would have to deal with high cholesterol problems although I knew that I had bad eating habits. I enjoyed eating junk food and various snacks that I knew weren’t particularly healthy, and I was aware they were high cholesterol foods. I guess cholesterol is the type of problem that you don’t think you will get until you actually get diagnosed. Part of the problem is that there are no apparent symptoms of high cholesterol, or at least nothing that is immediately visible. But I have to admit that I was feeling generally unhealthy and this was due in no small part to a lack of exercise in addition to a less than healthy diet. When my doctor told me about my cholesterol levels it was the final step and I knew I had to do something about it.

At first I thought I would have to give up all of the foods that I loved it dearly, and I wasn’t looking forward to coming up with a new diet filled with fat burning foods. But my first attempt at a low cholesterol diet failed miserably because I tried to change too many things all it the same time. It’s important to realize the eating habits have built up over many years and it’s going to take more than a month or two to find a new way of doing things. And if you try to embark on a healthy diet too suddenly it may end up that your body can handle right away. It will react by making you crave old foods in a way that makes it almost impossible to resist.

I found that taking a gradual approach was much more affective and it also took a lot of the pressure off of my situation. When I was trying to lower my cholesterol with a single goal of healthy eating it became very stressful and I started to have unrealistic expectations. But taking my time in learning about food and my diet in general gave me a better sense of my overall eating habits. This information was incredibly useful in trying to come up with a low cholesterol diet that I can actually live with. After all, there is no point in coming up with a high power low cholesterol diet if it’s filled with foods that you absolutely hate eating.

These days I am much better at controlling my overall diet because I know about more options that are out there. I also forgive myself for making mistakes from time to time because I know that is part of the process. But overall I have maintained my love of food and it gets easier with time to resist all of the junk that I use to eat. My doctor has also given me the good news that I am making positive progress two wards healthier cholesterol levels.

I have found cooking to be incredibly enjoyable and something that I can do on a regular basis. One of the reasons why I avoided it in the past was because I simply thought I wouldn’t have time. Cooking seem to be so time consuming and involved, and there were other things I needed to focus on. It wasn’t until I figured out what my main priorities were that I decided to give healthy cooking a shot. I realize that even if I had other things going on, nothing could ever be as important as my overall health and what I was willing to do to achieve it. That meant turning away from high cholesterol options that were filling my daily diet on a regular basis. It was time to reform my approach and the best thing I could do was to take power back into my own hands. I was letting people determine my own eating destiny by not preparing my own meals and determining the ingredients that I consumed. This is one of the best earning points in my journey for better health, and I think it would be helpful for anyone who is trying to battle with better eating.

Don’t expect things to happen overnight because you will definitely need a period of adjustment to get used to the way things work. If you have been eating one way for a long time, you’re not just going to stop your fingers and experience change in the next few days. You are trying to relearn certain habits while establishing new patterns so that you will be able to maintain the new information you absorb. There are many possibilities out there in terms of food, and you should never forget about exercise either.

Exercise has helped me to rejuvenate my daily routine in addition to making my new diet much more effective. Not only am I able to lower cholesterol through exercise, it has also allowed me to get trim. Losing weight is a natural byproduct of more exercise and healthy eating, and it will help you to lower cholesterol levels as well. It also reduces the amount of stress you put on your body because you have less mass to work with and sodas your circulatory system. Exercise doesn’t have to be all that involves, but you should look to increase your endurance so that you can do more in the future. The great thing about exercise at any level is that you can make it into a fun event that involves your friends and family. You don’t have to work out by yourself in a professional gym, and there is always the option of joining team sports or getting together with your best friends to throw the football around.

Whole grain bread – unless you are going on some outrageous diet that eliminates carbohydrates completely, you are going to need some sort of bread source.  You don’t have to feel guilty when it comes to whole grain bread, and the granier the better.  Yes, it doesn’t taste quite as good as white bread – but that’s because white bread is essentially a refined version of sugar. Also look towards brown rice as an alternative for its white counterpart.

Lean meat – unless you are going to become a vegetarian, you will still need a source of protein that comes from eating meat.  Sometimes meet gets a bad rap in the world of fat loss because people associate it with gaining weight.  But there are plenty of ways that you can enjoy meat without putting your quick weight loss plan at risk and they can be good nutrients as foods high in iron.  In fact, if you are combining exercise with your diet than your muscles are going to need protein to help them recuperate. Don’t be afraid to buy the best exercise equipment for your home to help. So eating a healthy amount of meat will actually help you to keep on track, and allows your metabolism to flow nicely.  So when it comes to your meat selection, try to go with leaner cuts and make sure to prepare them using healthy methods. Take off things like chicken skin or excess fat, and don’t add extra oil or butter to your recipes. And don’t forget about the value of fish and seafood, both in terms of benefits to weight loss and as alternatives to high cholesterol foods to avoid.

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