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Hair Loss Products that Work

Brief review of available hair loss treatments

There seems to be a myriad of hair loss treatments available given the amount of funds spent on omnipresent commercials that promise patients to regrow their hair. However, the sad truth is there are only few that really work and were approved by the FDA for treating baldness. The first, minoxidil, is a topical treatment used in concentrations of 2% in women and 5% in men and it works by energizing your hair growth and waking up those hairs that are in the resting phase. Minoxidil, also known as Rogaine, if used alone, is not likely to help you regain all your lost hair. In order to improve its effects your should reach for the second most common hair loss treatment named Propecia with active substance finasteride, which is the only oral drug currently approved by the FDA to treat male pattern baldness. It works by inhibiting conversion of testosterone into follicle harming metabolite DHT that causes miniaturization of affected hair follicles and eventual hair loss. Propecia works best if combined with hair loss stimulant minoxidil as both act differently and complement each other. Other available remedies such as dutasteride and spironolactone are only being prescribed off-label to patients with severe hair loss who do not respond or cannot use the aforementioned FDA approved hair loss products.

Identifying Suitable Hair Loss Products

Hereditary hair loss is one of the mankind’s oldest documented health conditions but it was only relatively recently that its main cause was discovered. It is supposed to be dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a biologically active metabolite of the male hormone testosterone. DHT causes hair follicles to shrink and eventually die. Hair follicles affected by DHT will produce weaker and thinner hair with each hair growth cycle until they fail to produce another hair at all. There have always been numerous remedies available to address hereditary baldness with varying degrees of success, but since this discovery, new products, many of them of natural origin, are emerging every day. The market for hair loss products is becoming crowded with great majority of them being purely a scam. Billions of dollars are spent wastefully on useless rubbish each year, causing frustration and increased scepticism among hair loss sufferers.

Although no ultimate cure for hair loss exists yet, there are a few products able to inhibit the DHT formation that are reasonably effective. Hence, the typical hair loss treatment should always involve a DHT blocker such as finasteride and a hair growth stimulant such as minoxidil. Although many natural hair loss treatments claim to do just that the effectiveness of their individual components is questionable at best. But the effectiveness of the hair loss treatments is not the only concern to the consumer. In order to inhibit DHT any drug or natural substance must interfere with our hormonal levels and that can cause negative side-effects. Finasteride is much too often blamed for causing side-effects but natural hair loss treatments are considered to be free of them. This does not seem true as none of them have ever been properly tested since they do not fall in the category of pharmaceuticals. It is often said that they have no known side-effects, which is not the same as having none. The reason why so many balding men prefer to use finasteride is not only that it gets recommended and prescribed by their doctor but also because they feel safe knowing that the treatment they are using was tested and its potential risks are well known.

Finding a suitable hair loss product requires hundreds of research hours. Manufacturers’ websites are a good place to get a basic understanding of the product and its mechanism of action but do not believe their before and after photos and check other resources to find out about the effectiveness. There is a number of hair loss websites providing hair loss product reviews that can be helpful but many are simply promoting their sponsor’s products and the information they provide should be taken with a grain of salt. Hair loss forums are another good source of information but a lot of experience is required to recognize who is a trustworthy participant and who is just doing product promotion. You should educate yourself before you try any treatment and should not underestimate the role of product research. The first step to the successful treatment is to identify the most suitable remedy for your condition.